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​The resort is managed by the owners, a very friendly and witty Japanese man, Kazu, and his gorgeous Filipino wife, Carmen.

From dreams to reality...


  Before they got married, the husband and wife were friends. Kazu fell in love with Carmen because he witnessed how caring and lovable she is. After more than 2 years of pursuing her, she finally fell for this kind-hearted man and they began dating.

 Soon after, they got married then bore a beautiful daughter. 

  After getting married, Kazu's business in Japan grew bigger and better since he treated his staff like family, he thought of their future. He wanted them to have a place to retreat and possibly retire to. 

  Then came his dream. He dreamt of this resort near the beach and within the mountains. He even drew his dream -- the painting on this page. He started to turn his dream to reality. For a time, he searched for the perfect location, visiting different places in the Philippines. He almost gave up because he couldn't find the perfect area, then his daughter, having visited Puerto Galera before, suggested that he check out the place.

  Upon  arriving at Talipanan, he immediately saw his dream turn to reality. Coincidently, while looking around, he met a person who was selling a property in the area. Kazu was in the right place at the right time.

Right then and there, he made a decision. The following day, he purchased the lot.

​Thus, came Minshuku.

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